Jake the Aussie shepherdTo be a good SEO writer, it’s very important to take a step back and understand how Google works, and how to feed them what they want.

    “Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

Early in their existence, Google didn’t do this very well. SEOs could exploit loopholes and get their pages ranked first. Many still do, but not for long.

Every day Google gets better, and they improve their algorithm to identify high quality and relevant content.

That means, if you try and game the system to get optimized, mechanized or irrelevant writing to the top page of Google, you will get taken down eventually.

That also means, if you write original, interesting and compelling content that deserves to be read, Google is working to reward you appropriately in Google’s search results.

Notice how I said appropriately and not first?


Getting lots of good links is still really important to healthy SEO and good rankings–but I won’t detail a lot of that here, since it’s not your job.

But I thought I’d at least mention it, otherwise your search team would kill me!
Google Killed the SEO Copywriter

Julia and Darrell Boren, Montrose RealtorsAll types of content need a coherent purpose, to be built strategically, and to provide some value to the audience being targeted. But we shouldn’t need to tell you that. Those are the rules that have always governed human communication, and they never change.  However, the ways content has to be modified to fit the needs of online audiences changes constantly. In just the recent past, we’ve seen a dramatic shift.

Previously, optimizing an article for Google was only really a process of picking the right keywords and organizing them in the right places and in the right quantities.