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Landscaping Builds the Resale Value of Your Eugene-Springfield Home!

by Anthony von Zaam

Color is the personal finishing touch that pulls a landscape together. It takes time and a bit of money, but the results are worth the effort. Plan color for maximum impact with minimal expense and effort.

Put flower color where you want to focus your attention. To make a small space feel larger, place warm colors (red, orange, and yellow) in the front of a garden and cool colors (blue, green, and purple in the back.

Chryanthemum from Eugene's Rose GardenThe most pleasing landscapes are those where color is uncomplicated. Too many shades and hues do little to enhance a house. Keep the planting in your front yard simple. Generally, a lot of busy color in the front is not a good feeling. Use a single color for a calm appearance.

Color is most effective when snuggled next to something green. Color needs the green backbone behind it to work well, and it should enhance your shrubs. Don’t put annuals out in the middle of the yard. They will get lost without a green backdrop.

A great local location for color inspiration is the Owen Rose Garden along the Willamette River not far from downtown Eugene. Regionally, Portland's famous International Rose Test Garden in Washington Park is one of the world's best. Portland has two other rose garden parks: Ladd Circle Park & Rose Gardens (SE 16th Ave & Harrison St.) and the Peninsula Park Rose Garden (700 N Rosa Parks Way). But you don't have to be a master gardener to build value into your own home -- just learn some key tips that pay off, use a little elbow grease and you'll be glad you did!

Mark Weisman has been a realtor with HomeVenture Real Estate Partners since 1995. Contact Mark to find that perfect home with that perfect garden for you and your family: or 541-489-5678

Southwest Denver Market Conditions

by Mark Weisman

July's housing statistics for Eugene-Springfield indicate that home sales picked up, continuing a trend that we've seen for a few months. Home values were one part of the real estate market that hasn't improved.

Here are some key data points:

New listings increased by 5.3% in July  compared to July of 2011; this represents a 4.7% increase over June of this year.

Pending sales increased. They were up by a substantial 20.9% over July of 2011 and up 4% from June of this year.

Closed sales increased by 24.1% compared with July of 2011. This is an 18.5% increase over June of 2012.

There were 5.9 months of active inventory, compared with 8.6 months of inventory in July last year, and 6.7 months in June of this year.

July of 2012 saw 1,839 active listings while it took an average of 100 days for listed homes to sell. In June, the average days to sell numbered 135.  

$206,200 was the average home selling price; in July of 2011 the average sales price was $226,200.
These are positive indicators for a market that has certainly seen tough sledding. Let's hope it carries into the fall because the autumns of both 2011 and 2010 witnessed sluggish markets.
Stay tuned because the next quarter or two will reveal whether the Eugene-Springfield can be called "recovered."

Short Sales Surpass Bank Owned Transactions

by Mark Weisman

Bloomberg recently reported that short sales have moved past bank owned (REO) sales for the first time. Apparently, banks have decided that they will earn more on a short sale than by pursuing the whole process of foreclosure. (see link to article at )

This is positive for sellers because short sales bring less negative credit consequences effects than foreclosures. This means that, while short sales are tough to endure, life will improve sooner than would be the case in a foreclosure.

The HomeVenture Real Estate Partners Team is well trained, has a great deal of experience and can help both buyers and sellers. In the end, you want a well trained Realtor who can help deals get done, so if you have any short sale questions don't hesitate to contact us today!

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