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What Constitutes "Original Content" online?

by Mark Weisman

As agents move into blogging, and look to build up their website's content in other ways, one goal naturally is to improve search engine standing. However, we commonly hear that in order to get credit from search engines like Google, content must be "original." But what exactly does "original" mean? Since we all use quotes and statistics from outside sources at times, how should we think of the issue of originality?

In terms of each search engine's actual algrorithms, no one knows specifically.

It seems best to make sure that your content is "substantially" original, according to Google. In their words, "Duplicate content generally refers to substantive blocks of content within or across domains that either completely match other content or are appreciably similar."

Unfortunately, we have noticed recently that many real estate websites are replicating content from other sites, so that a significant amount of content is "appreciably similar" -- to use Google's phrase -- to existing content. While the effort to provide information and to build page count is on the right track, if your content isn't reworked into your own voice and supplemented with original reflections (or new data), you aren't getting the search engine "credit" that you are looking for.

No doubt, being original takes work -- but the good news is that it might not be as hard as it seems. Here are a couple of ideas. First, you can offer an original take on an existing topic so that, even if you've borrowed quotes or statistics, you put a new, local spin on it. The idea is to reinterpret information for a specific audience you serve, augmenting it with local data and obtaining quotes from local sources.

Better yet, use your own experiences as your resource. Think about it: your email inbox, your recent conversations, your phone calls, all of them are a rich mine of possible topics. What real estate questions have you been asked in the last two months? Each question (and answer) sitting in your inbox is a potential topic waiting to be "mined" into good website content. Make a blog post or custom page about it. Chances are extremely good that if one person asked you something, lots of others have the same question.

Links: This article from Google addresses why originality matters, and how they approach it in general terms.

USB Electrical Outlets

by Mark Weisman

Small home improvements can make a big difference in a home and might affect its saleability. They may not affect resale price (these days it takes a lot to move the needle there) but enough of them could make your home more attractive to a buyer. Electrical outlets that include USB ports are an improvement to consider.

USB-equipped outlets would work great in a home office but also in a kitchen or in bedrooms. These days it's pretty common to find all manner of USB-equipped devices throughout the home. And when you think about it, it's a great convenience to be able to charge devices in more than one place.

The picture to the left shows a Newer Technology Power2U AC Wall Outlet with USB Charging Ports that I found on As you can see, it has a pair of electrical outlets and a pair of USB ports. These are fairly easy to install, but check with an electrician if you lack experience or training.


Car-free Sunday Streets in Southeast Eugene

by Mark Weisman

This Sunday the city of Eugene is going automobile-free on two large portions of southeast Eugene! 

The plan calls for two loops for non-car traffic only so bicyclists or other self-propelled vehicles will have the streets to themselves.. The south loop runs from 27th to 24th between Hilyard to Potter streets, while the northern loop goes from 24th to 19th between University and Agate streets.

Transportation Options Coordinator Lindsay Selser said, “One of the big reasons that we do this is to try and get more people to walk and bike, and so the more people we can get to come out and try it in a really safe environment like Sunday Streets, the easier it is for us to get them out to the new things we’re building."

Beginning at noon, Washburne, University and Amazon parks will be centers for outdoor activities like  hula hoop class, bike registration with the Eugene Police, slacklining, and helmet decorating. Southeast Neighbors will host an information booth at Amazon Park from noon to 4 p.m. as an outreach and educational  event.

One goal of the event is to connect the Fairmount, South University and Amazon neighborhoods. Residents of these neighborhoods are asked to postpone their driving until after 4 p.m. when the event concludes

Please visit the Sunday Streets web page for more details. To see homes for sale in East Eugene or to learn more about East Eugene. Contact HomeVenture for information about homes for sale in East Eugene.


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